What’s in A Name?: Mitsubishi Model Names Across Countries

Mitsubishi Model Names | Tom Hodges BlogEvery country has its own unique culture. Because of this, you will often find that car manufacturers will change the name of a model depending on the country they are marketing that vehicle to. Mitsubishi is one of those carmakers that has chosen different model names depending on the country. Here, we take a look at the Mitsubishi model names we know – and how they differ in other markets.

Mitsubishi Mirage/Mirage G4

The Mirage and Mirage G4 are subcompact cars that are perfect for the budget driver. In Europe and Singapore, the Mirage the exact same car as it is here in North America. It just happens to carry the name Space Star. The Mirage G4 also boasts a different nameplate in the majority of markets, going by the badge Attrage. You will notice, though, that the Philippines in particular calls this small sedan the Mirage G4 due to Attrage sounding similar to the Filipino word atrás which means “going backwards”.

Mitsubishi L200

Though the US market doesn’t get the pleasure of having the L200 pickup truck in its lineup, this model is a prime example of how model names can change in different markets. It’s called the Triton in Australia and Israel and the Strada in the Philippines.

Mitsubishi Pajero

Because the name Pajero doesn’t translate well in certain markets, this SUV – which we don’t get in the US anymore – carries the name Montero in Spain, the Philippines, and the Americas with the exception of Brazil and Jamaica. It’s called the Shogun in the UK.

Here in the US, we are happy to stick to our own names of Outlander, Eclipse, and Mirage (although Space Star does hold a certain appeal). Come and look over the Mitsubishi lineup here at Tom Hodges Mitsubishi.

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