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Spring Cleaning | Tom Hodges Mitsubishi

Cleaning your car is always an important, yet overlooked part of car maintenance. However, it’s especially necessary in the spring. After your car has spent the winter getting beaten up by road salt, dirty snow, and all kinds of harsh elements, it’s in definite need of some TLC. So, as the flowers begin to bloom, here are some easy spring car cleaning tips!


First of all, don’t forget your undercarriage. The underside of your car gets hit the worst during the winter, and it’s the most neglected area of your car when it comes to cleaning. Make sure you clean off all the rust-causing muck that’s built up.


There are plenty of other areas we tend to skip when cleaning our cars too, like the wheels. You should take off the hubcaps and wash them, as well as the tires. You should also pop the hood and remove any leaves and other debris that have gotten stuck there. Get into all the cracks and edges as thoroughly as you can. You’ll be amazed how much better your car looks!


Inside, vacuum any carpeting and upholstery, and wipe down leather. Wash your floor mats off with a strong hose, and use a wet cloth to clean off the dashboard, cup holders, and consoles. Don’t forget to wash your windows from the inside—you’d be surprised how dirty they can get.

After a winter’s driving, of course, if you decide that you want to replace that dirty old car, come take one of our vehicles for a test drive at Tom Hodges Mitsubishi.

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