Guidelines for Taking Care of Your Mitsubishi

Taking Care Of Your Mitsubishi | Tom Hodges Mitsubishi

Taking Care Of Your Mitsubishi

If you put in regular maintenance on your Mitsubishi, your vehicle can be expected to last long time. Each Mitsubishi from Tom Hodges Mitsubishi comes with its own specific maintenance needs. Many of which will be outlined in the owner’s manual. As a general guideline, however, you can follow this maintenance schedule to make taking care of your Mitsubishi a breeze.

15,000-Mile Service

When you reach 15,000 miles or have had your Mitsubishi car for about a year, bring it into Tom Hodges Mitsubishi. Bring it in for an oil and oil filter change, a new set of wiper blades, and a check up. With regular checkups every 15,000 miles, our team of experts will be able to provide guidance that will help you give the best care to your Mitsubishi.

30,000-Mile Service

In addition to addressing the 15,000-mile service points, 30,000 miles is often the time to get a new fuel filter. As well as, replacing power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and engine coolant.

45,000-Mile Service

Every 45,000 miles, your Mitsubishi should get a comprehensive checkup by our professional team. It’s often around this time that your Mitsubishi will need new spark plugs. Maybe even additional care towards various transmission and engine parts.


Ultimately, servicing your car at regular intervals is the best way to help it continue to perform as though it were still new. As always, If you have more questions about routine car maintenance for your Mitsubishi, ask any of our qualified technicians at Tom Hodges Mitsubishi.

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