Tips for Researching Cars for Your Next Purchase

Tips for Researching Cars for Your Next Purchase | Hollywood, MD

With so many different brands and models on the market these days, it’s hard to figure out which one is right for you. We’ve made this list of easy tips for researching cars to figure out what you can afford, what you need, and where you can find it.

1: Figure out your budget

Before you start researching cars and get your heart set on something outside your price range, figure out how much you can afford to spend on a car.

Do you have money for a down payment? How much can you put toward the monthly payment and insurance each month, and what about the cost of maintenance and annual registration fees? Know exactly what your budget looks like before you start researching.

2: Figure out what you need

Do you need a three-row SUV for your big family, or do you need a compact, fuel-efficient sedan for your daily commute to the city? If you’re buying a used car, consider how often you’ll need to drive it, and whether it will last long enough to be worth buying.

3: Browse online

Get a feel for what’s available at dealerships like Tom Hodges Mitsubishi by looking at online inventories. Compare the specs and prices of cars that fit your lifestyle and make a list of ones that work with your budget. Look at new and pre-owned cars to see the price difference.

4: Check the history

Before you buy a used car, ask for a vehicle history report or run a history check yourself to check for warning signs such as whether it’s been in any accidents or the odometer has been reset to show a lower mileage. Tom Hodges Mitsubishi is glad to provide this information on the pre-owned cars we sell.

If you have questions about the car-buying process, Tom Hodges Mitsubishi would be glad to answer them. Call or email us anytime.

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