Tips for Maintaining Your Car if You Live by an Ocean

Tips for Maintaining Your Car if You Live by an Ocean | Hollywood, MDLiving by the ocean can be easier on your spirit but tougher on your car. Salt air is corrosive and will rust your car faster than in other environments. The humidity can further corrode parts of your car, and the hot sun will heavily impact your car’s paint job.

Following these tips will help prevent ocean-caused damage to your vehicle.

Prime and Paint
Years of driving in humid, hot, and salty air will eventually chip away at the paint job. The sheen will disappear and rust will set in. Touch up areas that are missing paint, and consider taking your vehicle in for a full fresh paint to provide another layer of protection.

Wash and Wax
Just like you need to consistently brush your teeth to avoid corrosive build-up, the same is true with your vehicle. Regular washing and waxing will make your car look great, and it will take care of the salty, wet build-up that accumulates on your vehicle in ocean climates.

Immediately Repair
If an incident occurs, and your car is even slightly damaged, take it in for repairs immediately. Chipped paint leaves metal exposed, which will expedite the rusting process.

Great Garages
Garages shield your car from the harmful ocean air. If you don’t have a garage, consider renting one.

If your car needs maintenance to keep it clean and rust-free, talk to the service experts at Tom Hodges Mitsubishi to see what we can do for you.

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