Find the Best Sledding Spots in Maryland for Winter Fun

Sledding in Maryland | Hollywood, MD

Looking for the best sledding spots in Maryland? A number of areas around the state are perfect for outdoor winter excitement.

According to the Baltimore Sun, some of the top sledding hills in the state are located in the capital. Federal Hill and Herring Run Park offer exciting hills that are also manageable for beginners.

The Oregon Ridge State Park in Cockeysville has popular courses for cross-country skiing, hiking, and sledding. Dubbed a winter wonderland in December and January, Oregon Ridge was once home to a ski resort, so you can trust that it’s a great place to take your sleds. It also has a lodge that hosts private events.

You should check out the hill behind the Maryland Hall in Annapolis. This is a regular hot spot for young sledders, and it has tons of open space so you and your family aren’t surrounded by crowds.

If you live near the Montgomery area, Montgomery Parks released a list of the best sledding hills in local parks like the Agricultural History Farm, Ayrlawn Local Park, and Tilden Woods Park.

While the hills listed here are located in public parks, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not accidentally going onto private property. We hope you enjoy sledding as much as we do at Tom Hodges Mitsubishi, and please remain safe while having fun.

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